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Our Mission is to assist you with your shipping and logistics needs. Creating COMFORT and inspiring CONFIDENCE when you shop online.

FREE! Shipping Address

You will get an Address and a Phone # to use  for all your purchases online as well as Items can be dropped off directly.  

Package Management

Streamlined and Efficient handling of your items, package tracking, notifications, pre-alert and always handled with care. 

Islandwide Delivery

We delivery to all areas of our beautiful island. "town" "country" "north-coast" "east coast" you name, we'll get your item to you. 


How it Works ?

Here's how we assist you in purchasing items online.

Step 1

Get Your FREE Shipping Address

Sign up for an account and you will be provided with an Air and Ocean Shipping address to send your items to. Sign up is FREE!

Step 2

Transport and Processing

Items are received at our warehouse in Miami and logged, processed, and prepared for transport to Jamaica. You will get a notification when packages are received and when they are in transit to Jamaica.

Step 3

Pick up / Delivery

Items are processed through Jamaica Customs on your behalf and you are notified to set up pickup or delivery.

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UpDATES & Info

Stay in the know. Be Informed.


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